Salt Water Pewter Original Sandal



A plaited-style sandal for girls and boys, big and small. Wear in the sea, or to the shops – the ultimate comfy chic.  USA sizing listed

  • Leather upper and lining allows feet to breathe
  • Comfortable fit thanks to secure ankle strap
  • Hand-stitched with non-rusting brass buckles
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip vulcanized rubber sole

Sizes: Infant 3-8, Child 9-12, Youth 13-3, Adult 4-9

US Size AU Size Insole Length of Sandal
 US5 AU 4 13.5cm
US 6  AU 5  14.5cm
US7 AU 6  15cm
US 8 AU 7 16cm
US 9 AU 8  16.5cm
US 10 AU 9  17.5cm
US 11 AU 10 18.5cm
US 12 AU 11 19.5cm
US 13 AU 12  20.5cm
US1 youth AU 13  21.5cm
US2 youth AU 1 Youth   22cm
US 3 Youth AU 2 Youth   22.5cm


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